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Rent one of our secure storage units in Oakland, ME

You should be able to visit your storage unit whenever you want without feeling like you're in danger. You should also be able to sleep peacefully knowing your storage unit is well-protected. When you rent a unit from Fieldstone Storage, you'll get just that. We rent secure storage units and use digital audio cameras for security. You'll rest easy knowing your possessions are safe and sound.

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Details about our security system

We've taken all feasible security measures to protect our property. Our owner:

  • Has 16 security cameras operating at all times that notify him of any movement on the property
  • Updates our security software every month with the latest technology
  • Uses the highest speed internet available to make sure no movement goes undetected
  • Keeps the property well-lit with 30 high-powered LED lights

Our lights are motion-activated to let trespassers know they're being observed. Because of this, we ask that you let us know 12 hours in advance if you'll be on the property after 9 p.m. That way we won't mistake you for an intruder and call the police.

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